Customize the song(s) in your cart to your display! Lights of the Night offers custom sequencing, even on pre-sequences songs.

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Customize your display! Lights of the Night offers custom sequencing for songs offered in the store as well as any song of your choice. All sequences are built from the ground up- no importing or copy-and-paste. You’re in control! This is YOUR display, so I will sequence based on your taste.

Attention: the 2020 season is filling up, hurry in to get your spot for custom sequencing!


The custom sequencing service is charged at an hourly rate. Custom sequencing service includes xLights controller and layout services if needed. The price you pay now will act as a retainer. Once a sequence is finished and the customer is satisfied, an invoice will be sent to the customer where they can view and pay the remaining balance. If more than one sequence has been requested, a new or updated invoice will be sent. Any payments on previous invoices will be reflected in an updated invoice


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