Within the next week, I am going to begin a vlogging series called Light Show Academy. I am going to go over all the basics of RGB displays- what they are, the interworkings of a display, and how to create your own display. The vlogs are to help anyone who wants an RGB display but has no idea where to begin. I will post a vlog every week on this blog as well as my YouTube channel. The following is a rough list of what I will be covering.

  1. What is RGB?
  2. Hardware/Software
  3. Budgeting and Creating a Layout
  4. xLights Software
  5. Sequencing Basics
  6. Falcon Hardware Setup

I hope to convey the very basics- so none of the information will go too far in-depth but will give new users the knowledge they need to get started. In the future, I will post videos that go into further detail on some of these topics, as well as other topics not listed above. Stay tuned for more information as it comes.

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