Lights of the Night was founded for created beautiful and 100% custom sequences, and I still hold true to that today. Though I have added a storefront with pre-sequenced songs, I still offer completely customized sequences, as well as other sequencing services. New to the store is the “Import” service. This is where I take a sequence you have purchased and I import it into your own xLights setup. So what is the difference between an imported sequence and a custom sequence? There are a few.

The first difference, importing sequences only works with the sequences that are available in the storefront. I will not import sequences that do not come from my own store. Custom sequences can be any song you like, they do not have to come from the storefront.

The second difference, importing sequences is simply importing the effects from the pre-built sequence into your own xLights setup. I may make a few small changes, but other than that I will not touch the effects. Custom sequencing, on the other hand, I do not use the pre-built sequences (even if you’ve chosen one of them), I completely build the sequence from the ground up. It is 100% customized to your display.

How does it work? Once you have purchased either the import service or a custom sequence, I will send you an email with how to get started. Because there is a lot of file sharing, I always suggest using a service called Dropbox. It is free and works wonderfully. Once you have a Dropbox account set up and the Dropbox software installed on your computer, we can begin the process. I will need access to your show folder- this is where I will be able to add your new sequences using your setup. Once you’ve added your show folder, your job is done!

That’s when I come in. Once I have received your show directory in our shared Dropbox folder, I’ll begin importing or sequencing. As a heads up, it can be a few days to see a finished product for importing, up to a couple of weeks for custom sequencing (this stuff takes time folks). Throughout the process, I will remain in contact with you to keep you updated.

If you have chosen custom sequencing, I will also start a timesheet. My custom sequencing is priced per hour, and I keep an honest timesheet that shows which sequence I’m working on, the exact times I’m working on it, and a running total. The timesheet is available for you to view any time you want in the Dropbox folder. The $50 you paid in the storefront will be reflected in the timesheet. Once a sequence is finished, I will contact you to make payment arrangements.

Typically, it can take anywhere from 10-20 hours per song, depending on the song and setup. Keep in mind it is better to get scheduled for custom sequencing sooner than later. I typically cut off custom sequencing in October because it’s not enough time for me to sequence an entire display before showtime. I will accept custom sequencing for the following year but don’t expect to see the sequences until after the near year.

This has been a quick rundown of the importing service and custom sequencing I offer. It was brief, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email at

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