Part of the reason why I decided to upgrade this site is so I can include memberships for the site. As of right now there are 2 types of membership. The first is a generic and free membership. It’s simple enough, it’ll save your name, contact information, and address when you purchase anything from the storefront. The second is the Premium Membership, it is a paid subscription (you can find more details about it by clicking this link). I won’t go into too many details, but I’d like to give a short how-to on becoming a member of Lights of the Night.

Step 1- Click “Register” In The Top Right Corner

You will need to click “Register” in the top right corner of your screen to begin the process.

Step 2- Fill Registration Out

Fill out the registration information. Your password must have one capital letter and one number.

Step 3- Wait For Approval

After you register, you will get a message and an email stating your membership is pending approval. I manually add each registration to prevent any spam and to determine if you have purchased the Premium Membership or not. Please allow up to 48 hours for approval.

Step 4- Log In

Once you have been approved, you can now log in. There is two ways to log in, either from the “Log In” link in the menu or by clicking the icon at the top right of the screen, as is shown in the preview below.

Step 5- View Account Details

From here, you are able to preview your account details. You can even upload an image if you’d like. Keep in mind the images you upload will be visible to everyone and will appear if you leave reviews on anything in the store.

Step 6- Members Access

This is where the different memberships come into play. If you have not purchased a subscription to the Premium Membership, you will see the following when you click “Membership Access”.

If you have purchased a subscription to the Membership Access, you will see a page similar to the following:

Please keep in mind the Premium Membership is still in the Beta stage, however, anyone who purchases a subscription will receive full benefits as long as they are current subscribers. If you choose to end your subscription, your view of this page will be deactivated.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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